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replica celine belt bag Job vacancies on the up and there are currently 1,204,579 roles across the UKBut while it’s great news on the one hand, advertised salaries have hit 3.5 year low09:01, 3 OCT 2017Updated15:04, 3 OCT 2017Employers are on the look out for the best talent but are they willing to pay for it? In August 2016, in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, there were 1,123,365 total advertised jobs in the UK, however, a year on, openings stand at 1,204,579 as the war on talent rages on.The figures reinforce latest ONS figures that unemployment is at its lowest level for 40 years.According to the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), UK businesses are finding it increasingly more difficult to recruit skilled staff for professional roles like banking and engineering as a result of a fall in net migration.Man who quits work to ‘see the world’ discovers genius way to make hundreds in the processTherefore, skilled international workers remain key to boosting UK output, as well as filling new roles that will advance the economy and enrich the talent pool at all ends of the skills spectrum.In terms of regional wage growth, Northern Ireland continues to buck the wider trend, with advertised salaries rising 4.4% year on year.Wales is the only other region to record an annual improvement (0.9%), with all other areas witnessing decreases. Scotland ( 4.2%) and the South East of England ( 4.1%) have been the hardest hit.The best jobs in Britain revealed according to the people who already work thereDoug Monro, co founder of Adzuna, who revealed the figures, said: «The war on talent has stepped up a notch as the number of vacancies continues to outnumber available candidates.»To keep the ratio sustainable, it is crucial the door is held wide open for skilled international workers into the UK to fill these roles and boost UK output.»For employers, it is a tough time to fill posts and find the best talent, as sectors such as construction are heavily dependent on international talent.Number of jobs on the rise but advertised salaries drop to three year low»While the sun is shining in terms of vacancies, there is a chillier outlook for salaries. Some commentators are predicting that inflation could well fall as quickly as it has risen, but consumers are unlikely to notice the real difference in their wallets until early next year meaning they could have a winter of discontent to battle first.»Once inflation does ease and salaries do finally turn the corner, it will feel like an enhanced pay rise.»Inflation surges seeing new records for price rises setIT jobs have risen the ranks to become one of the biggest improving job sectors in terms of average advertised salaries replica celine belt bag.

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