Yesterday I went to the house of friends their father died at

My gourmet panettone!!!! Recipe: 330ml water, 30g sugar, 10g brewer’s yeast, 1 egg, 40g extra virgin olive oil, 2 teaspoons salt, 650g flour 00…… Ingredients in order as I listed them, work the dough very well, place the dough in the 1 kg mold to rise in the oven off for about 90 minutes….. Preheat the oven to 150 degrees and cook for 20 minutes then increase the temperature to 170 degrees and continure to cook for another 30/35 minutes…..

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Dose of a kilo
A kilo of flour
3dl of water
A kilo of fat / butter I have margarine
Sale — Procedure — Weigh 700 gr of flour, add warm slightly salted water to the fountain, knead the ingredients until you have a pastel that must be work vigorously so as to make it smooth and smooth
Form a ball make a cross on the surface
Cover with film and put it to to rest for about 30 minutes
After 30 minutes, knead the dough into a rectangle, put the fat mass in the center
You have to do the fold bending charts in the center. The 3 round
The 4 round
For each lap to rest in the fridge
Then you can make, sfogliatelle, vol on vent, fans you browse
Savory pies etc
The sfogliatelle are stuffed with cream lemon pastry cake
3 egg yolks is one whole
100 gr of caster sugar
500 ml of whole milk
60/70 gr of sifted flour fine
Sorrento lemon cream
Heat the hot milk, whisk the eggs with sugar
Add milk and flour a little at a time so that no lumps are formed. Mix well and after pouring everything into the pot and make thicken always turning, the cream for the sfogliatelle must be a bit ‘dense absolutely, because liquid out comes out ok — Bake at 19 degrees for 10/15 minutes I cooked them in my spectacular oven kit
Serve hot with vanilla icing sugar
I hope my recipe is to your liking
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