Why don Obam, Sharpton, Jessie march in those neighborhoods

Last Sunday I went to Mantua and the surrounding area, of course I could not not take a little grana padano and a little bit of Mantua pesto, which is used for risotto alla
Here is the classic recipe and then the way of how the I have prepared myself of course my way will horrify the

The risotto alla pilota is the best known of Mantua risottos, and can be considered a single dish, especially in the puntel version (with support ).
An etymological note: Pilot has nothing to do with the aeronautics High Quality Hermes Replica or Formula 1, the pilot is the one who works on the rice pile: the plant where the rice is cleaned, treated and prepared for the Ingredients : for 4 people
Riso (carnaroli) 400 grams, salamelle 200 grams, parmesan, 70 grams, butter 80 grams, pork chop 4, salt We consider 80 ~ 100 Execution:
Cooking rice as indicated in cooking Bring 600 ml of water to a boil https://www.replicahermes.net in a steel pot from the bottom thick, as soon as the water boils add a little salt and start to pour the rice in the center of the pot making it come down from a funnel or a rolled piece of paper as if it were a piece The version with puntel provides the accompaniment of rice so prepared with a well cooked chop that props (supports) the rice in the Notes:
Some prefer to increase by a good 50% all doses of In this case, butter is better that is poor: just a little in the pan where the sausages are cooked, why not
Risotto with salamella (pesto mantovano my way)


Riso (carnaroli) 500 grams, salamelle 500 grams, Parmesan, 120 grams, butter 50 grams, salt
Sauté the crumbled sausages (Pesto Mantovano) in a little oil and butter, until they take on an average of 10 minutes. With the butter then add the sauce to flavor the rice, blend with a dash of white wineco dry then add the broth slowly cook it slowly for about 20 -25 When cooked practically finished add a nice handful of parmesan leave to rest a few minutes and then serve I find it excellent.

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