When I say management problems I mean easy of troubleshooting

The Israelites reach the border of Canaan, but due to reports from spies they refuse to enter, and wish to return to Egypt.[32] God is angered, and tells Moses «I will smite them with the pestilence, and destroy them, and will make of thee a nation greater and mightier than they.» Moses persuades him not to, but God declares that the Israelites will now wander the wilderness for forty years before they can enter Canaan.[33] They are attacked by Amalekites and Canaanites (Numbers 13 14). In Numbers 15, a man is found working on the Sabbath. God orders him to be killed and he is stoned.[34].

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Replica Hermes Clear refers particularly to freedom from flaw or blemish: a clear pane of glass. Pure refers especially to freedom from mixture or stain: a pure metal; not diluted but pure and full strength. 35. Aztec cake from the book of Sal de
for the dark cake:
50 g of melted butter
50 g of almond flour
50 g of powdered sugar
50 g of dark chocolate
40g of egg yolk
70g of albumen
15g of granulated sugar
A pinch of salt
15g of potato starch
10g of bitter cocoa in powder
Grain of sugar
Sift flour of almonds, cocoa, starch, powdered sugar and salt and add them to the melted butter, add the egg yolks stirring with a whisk to In planetaria, whisk the egg whites with the granulated sugar for 11
Chocolate mousse:
300 g of dark chocolate
150 g of egg yolk
150 g of granulated sugar
50 g of water
650 g of semi-sweetened unsweetened cream

How to melt the chocolate (I a few seconds in the microwave), mix it and after a few seconds, add a couple of tablespoons of cream Meanwhile pasteurize the eggs… Now there are two procedures: Sal de Riso says to bring the yolks, with sugar and water in a bain-marie, at 82 degrees… But I do not prefer it! I put the egg yolks in planetary with 50g of sugar and I feel to turn, slowly, the whips not to burn the Put in the freezer and in the meantime prepare the icing For the icing I created my recipe, because it is not of mine
Glasse Sal de Riso:
60 g of 72% chocolate
30 g of glucose (or Replica Hermes 30 g of acacia honey)

Melt the chocolate and add it to the glucose

Icing my process:
34 g of water
30 g of cream
45 g of sugar
13 g of bitter cocoa
1 sheet (2 g) of fish glue

In a saucepan pour sugar and cocoa, add water, very slowly, stirring with a whisk, so as not to form ☺️ Replica Hermes.

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