Wednesday that he had taken an overdose of drugs

Larry King, with trademark suspenders and dry wit, moderated panel discussions, and actor/UN Goodwill Ambassador Don Cheadle interviewed the gregarious UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. Celebrities who participated included Edward Norton (UN Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity), Charlize Theron (UN Messenger of Peace), Ed Begley Jr., Djimon Hounsou, and musicians Kenna and Michael Franti. The audience also heard from two Nobel Laureates: Wangari Maathai (UN Messenger of Peace) and Rajendra Pachauri (Chairman of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)..

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Replica Hermes Bags In Scotland, the legal start of the year had already been moved to 1 January (in 1600), but Scotland otherwise continued to use the Julian calendar until 1752.[5]When recording British history it is usual to use the dates recorded at the time of the event,[a] with the year adjusted to start on 1 January. But the start of the Julian year was not always 1 January, and was altered at different times in different countries (see New Year’s Day in the Julian calendar).From 1155 to 1752, the civil or legal year in England began on 25 March (Lady Day)[6][7] so for example the execution of Charles I was recorded at the time in Parliament as happening on 30 January 1648 (Old Style).[8] In modern English language texts this date is usually shown as «30 January 1649» (New Style).[2] The corresponding date in the Gregorian calendar is 9 February 1649, the date by which his contemporaries in some parts of continental Europe would have recorded his execution. Designation is particularly relevant for dates which fall between the start of the «historical year» (1 January) and the official start date, where different Replica Hermes Bags.

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