These two factors led oceanographers to adopt a density unit

That decision concerned Angelenos who worried that that the Los Angeles River and its watershed would lose its environmental protections. Those fears were realized when a decision by the Army Corps of Engineers took away the very identity of the river by declaring all but four miles of it to be «non navigable.» This had serious repercussions for the river, as navigability is a requirement for the protections of the Clean Water Act. Was the river doomed to storm drain status for eternity?.

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Sponge cake ingredients:

(24cm pan)

5 eggs150g sugar74g flour74g optional patatevanillin starch



Ingredients for the filling: 250g mascarpone160g of dark chocolate150 ml whipping cream150g sugar1 glue sheet 30ml of milk


Put the sheet glue in a cold water bath. Melt the chocolate in a water bath or in a microwave. In a bowl, process the mascarpone with the sugar using a spoon of Hermes Belt Replica.

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