Then again, she can hit her pipe bombs like golf balls

The Puella Magi Madoka Magica fangame Grief Syndrome has Homura, who has the worst stats in the game, but some of the most useful abilities. However, as an Easter Egg, it allows you to play as Homura before the beginning of the series. «Moemura» keeps the awful stats, and replaces the machine guns, rocket launchers, and mortars with a Deagle, a shotgun, and a golf club, and her pipe bombs don’t explode on contact like Future Badass Homura’s do, leaving her attacks with a slight delay. You can imagine how well this works in combat. She’s not completely useless, largely thanks to Time Stop, but she has a much harder time finishing the game than any other character. Then again, she can hit her pipe bombs like golf balls.

Ysl replica Naked on Arrival: Maggie wakes up naked on a bathtub after she time traveled, or so she says. Not So Above It All: Maggie casually reveals to Peter that she smokes. Secret Handshake: Cult members must learn and perform an elaborate secret handshake before any audience with Maggie. It turns out that this handshake was invented by Maggie’s «mother,» who is a small child in the current year. It’s left ambiguous as to whether this is really how Maggie knows the handshake. Ysl replica

Ysl replica handbags Probably also qualify as More Dakka. Boobs of Steel: Sakuya and Uzuki kicks ass physically more than Tsudura or Yumei. Cast Full of Gay Cat Smile: Nozomi, of all people. Mikage doesn’t have one, though. Cherry Blossoms: Averted. The tree where Ohashira sama dwells is not a Sakura, despite obviously being cast in similar light down to the myth that Sakura bloom beautifully because corpses are buried under it. It’s an Enju, or Japanese Pagoda Tree. The Chick: Kei. Cool Big Sis: Yumei, somewhat literally even. Ysl replica handbags

replica ysl bags And the latter suggestion wasn’t far off when in a later quest that involves retrieving an important item for the Brotherhood of Steel, you end up getting captured and hauled in that very bunker specifically, a well armed and well fortified secret base. However several people do still tune into Enclave Radio, if only for the music. Abandoned Laboratory: Nearly all of the Vaults you encounter are the unfortunate aftermaths of one of Vault Tec’s experiments that worked more or less as they were intended to. replica ysl bags

replica ysl Surprisingly Sudden Death: In the beginning of the film. Unflinching Walk Number Six after setting fire to Number Four’s old house to such a degree she walks in the explosion. Unwilling Suspension: Henri. Villains Out Shopping: The Mogs keep their secret weapons sated with supermarket turkeys. You Are Number 6: Played with. It’s averted in that the numbers are not actually used for names, but as target designations. However, it’s deliberately invoked in Number Six’s case, who identifies herself as «Number Six» (except one snarky comment to Sam that her name is «Jane Doe») and refers to John only by his number. replica ysl

Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Ham and Cheese: Mickey Rourke is clearly enjoying his time playing The Devil in this flick. Hand Cannon: Guerrero carries a pair of massive custom made three barreled pistols. His ability to reconstruct the guns is what tips off the first of his victims that this is actually Guerrero. Handsome Lech: Snake of the Blackwater Gang. He’s always flirting or getting handsy with pretty women. One of the last things he does is take a little too much pleasure in having Calathea at his disposal. Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags

replica ysl handbags The titles should all be dead giveaways, though. All Guys Want Cheerleaders: Averted. The most «wanted» girl in East High is Sharpay, who is an Alpha Bitch with a personality of a stereotypical cheerleader. However, Sharpay is not a cheerleader (instead, she’s the co President of the Drama club), and the only named cheerleader character is Martha, the hip hop nerd who doesn’t actually have that much of a role. Almost Kiss: Troy and Gabriella at the end of the first film before the Crowd Song, and then in the entire second movie. replica ysl handbags

Ysl replica bags Arc Number: Inasmuch as he actually has one, Sorc’s arc number is 13. This is mostly due to the fact that his emblem is derived from the Kingdom Hearts Nobody emblem, which itself has connotations with the number. It’s also reinforced by his secondary Replica Ysl Bags personal symbol, the Sorceror l’Cie brand, which carries a connection to Final Fantasy XIII. Deadpan Snarker: Lives and breathes. Fanboy: Of the Hermitcraft Minecraft community. Most especially Sl1pg8r. One could easily make a drinking game out of him mentioning Slip and the other Hermits. This is now part of the drinking game for Sorc’s LPs. Also, used «Sl1pg8r» and «Mumbo Jumbo» as Minecraft world seeds for vanilla and, respectively. And of course, there’s also the fact that the pack is the official pack for Hermitcraft. Lovable Coward: Is a seriously jumpy person. YMMV on «lovable», if you insist. Also takes an odd sort of pride in the fact that he’s a genuine wuss, and thus isn’t merely milking supposed jumpiness for a gimmick, unlike some popular YouTubers that could be mentioned. His jumpiness is frequently a target of his Self Deprecation, and he always leaves in any cases of keyboard clatter or other noises that result from his actual physical jumping when startled, then comments on them.[loud clunk] Oof. Ow. Yes, I just hit my hand on the underside of the keyboard tray thing. Ow. ‘Cause I’m a jumpy wuss; I thought we knew this by now Ysl replica bags.

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