The expression (ptr_to_array)[i] is interpreted as (a+i)

Thirteen to 15 million workers had no jobs. Banks regained their equilibrium after Roosevelt persuaded Congress to declare a nationwide bank holiday. He offered and Congress passed a series of emergency measures that came to characterize his promise of a deal for the American people.

replica Purse Char (ptr_to_array)[80] = ptr_to_first_element and ptr_to_array have the same value; the base address of a. However, they are different types and are treated differently, as shown below:Remember that the expression a[i] is interpreted as (a+i) (which only works if the array type is converted to a pointer type), so both a[i] and ptr_to_first_element[i] work the same. The expression (ptr_to_array)[i] is interpreted as (a+i). replica Purse

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