Pleaded: «Tree! Tree!» It hit her: He wanted the grapes still

Suddenly, B. Pleaded: «Tree! Tree!» It hit her: He wanted the grapes still attached to the stem. He wanted to pull them off himself! «It was like, Oh, my god, how many times have I thought his tantrums were random, when they weren’t random at all? I felt so bad for him: What other things have you wanted that you couldn’t tell me?».

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— Because it is love he created the universe, life on earth, man;

— because it is love he wanted to be a man to be the Emmanuel, that is God with us, to be physically also among us;

— because it is love he suffered his terrible passion, he gave us all his blood dying on the cross;

— because it is love he wanted to stay in the Eucharist to stay with us always and become one thing with
This is why Jesus at the Last Supper, at the conclusion of a past life for men and eve of his passion, he said to the Father:
«I have made your name known to men» (that is, your own) It is to be asked: but what reason did God have to create men, since they would have rewarded him by treating him like the worst offender, despising him, cursing him continually and nailing him on the cross?
The answer is only one: thank goodness that God is made in this way, that is love, just as the sun is light and heat, otherwise we would not exist the universe would have existed, because without man the universe would not have had
Why did God do this?
To push us and almost force us to But God needed the love of men?
how to Replica Hermes say that the sun needs only the men to a true need for In fact God is love and Paradise is the kingdom of love; and only those who love God reach him and will be in him
We know from history that only in a few cases did God manifest himself in person to man and it is the case of Saul persecutor of the first Christians who on the road to Damascus was struck and he had to believeand by force… From persecutor-murderer Paul became the great evangelizer… —

The Creator demands a «blind» faith from a man who is blind because he does not want to be worshiped for fear but only for a true love, 
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