(Likely, because more planets = good)So in all likelihood, you

canada goose After travelling for 40 canada goose uk black friday years at the highest speed any spacecraft has ever gone

Canada Goose online That would make for canada goose uk shop a great sci fi story.A crew of a couple dozen astronauts leave earth in a powerful groundbreaking ship for a canada goose clearance distant planet in a distant galaxy at 99.9% the speed of light.They get to their galactic destination after a few hundred years of space travel, and land on a planet of bizarre ruins and eerily similar to human skeletons, alongside some flora and fauna that are also oddly similar to ones found on earth.Only to find out that due to time dilation, humanity back Canada Goose Outlet on earth technologically progressed from when they left, discovered faster than light travel or wormhole technology, and beat canada goose factory sale them there. (I hope not!)FTL travel is achieved by canadian goose jacket the original civilization, and they jerks and leave you high and dry. buy canada goose jacket cheap (Unlikely, because you throwing away perfectly good planets)FTL travel is achieved by the original civilization and they send a FTL vessel to retrieve your colony ship/update your colony. (Likely, because more planets = good)So in all likelihood, you either never encounter the original civilization again or they come find you canada goose uk outlet and reintegrate you. Throughout history there are these periodic mind blowing moments where they realise how much they were missing. How do canada goose you describe gravity canada goose coats on sale and a spherical planet to a hunter gatherer? Electricity to someone from the bronze age. Neural networks to a medieval scholar. Relativity or quantum mechanics to a Victorian.The brightest minds during the ancient Greek era seriously considered that the sky was a dome not too far above their heads.Quite some time ago we thought there was no way there could be any life in the Marianas Trench. It was far too deep, pressure too high, absolutely no light, so that meant there canada goose store couldn possibly be life down there. However, once we got the Canada Goose Online technology to see the Challenger Deep canada goose black friday sale (deepest point of the Marianas Trench and the deepest point on the Earth), guess what we found! Amphipods, and huge ones at that (normal amphipods are the size half your thumb, these ones spanned from 15 30cm long). Canada Goose Jackets There were also sea cucumbers, jelly fish, and some strange living creature that Gallo describes as looking like «crushed sand castles.» Somewhere inside those weird sand piles are huge filamentous protists called foraminiferans. There are bound to be more things down there but those are the only ones I remember at the moment.Nerdy canada goose soldes homme canada goose coats segment aside, if life can exist in a place that we considered to be unable to sustain life here on Earth, why do we keep assuming that same thing for other planets? For such an intelligent species we know so little about There life as we know it, and we are constantly making discoveries like those life forms in the Challenger Deep that challenge (no pun intended) our perception of what is. So we as uk canada goose outlet a species need to stop assuming that «we couldn live there» Canada Goose Coats On Sale is the same as «there nothing alive there.»We show up buy canada goose jacket to a new Canada Goose sale life bearing planet like a demented, obese mad scientist of a chef. Dissecting brains here, brown sugar glazing tissues there, frantic to identify the «hottest» thing to «humanely» exploit before someone else beats https://www.goosefrshop.com them to it. It cheap Canada Goose be sad to watch, if it ever happens. We eventually turn our moon into part landfill, part mining colony, maybe toss in some prisons for good measure (and cheap labor), if I had to guess.As we are now, «exploration» will always rapidly turn to exploitation, until we either all dead or all as rich as kings and as powerful as gods.There always the potential for the existence of other beings uk canada goose that might make our greed look entry level by comparison, or the possibility that «exploration» might become the bridge that puts us into contact with our inevitable doom (by virus or mutation or technology or whatever), when we might lived a lot longer as a species if we had stayed home. It be bitter irony if we worked hard and peacefully collaborated cheap canada goose uk all for the glorious honor of exploring the unknown only to nearly immediately be confronted and then enslaved by the universe most successful bullies. We could go from building our first FTL drive all the way back to swinging crude pickaxes (in Xenu salt mine on Phorysi 5 moon, naturally).Has anyone talked about what it would be like to have the equivalent of a flat canada goose clearance sale tire, or a blown engine, in the middle of FTL travel? Seems like we also need navigation computers that could see farther and calculate faster than light, since debris the size of a grain of rice can cause catastrophe. Do I trust my life to a Honda FTL drive Canada Goose Parka or a Dodge FTLRam Turbo 4500?! Imagine the commercials. some bikini clad model eating a sloppy hamburger while laying across the hood of the spaceship, or Matthew McConaughey staring out into the void, «I drove a spaceship before anybody invented spaceships. Its all about. energy. I drove a Lincoln Mark 7 Battlecruiser before I was paid to fly a Lincoln Mark 7 Battlecruiser.»If we can travel using constant acceleration, theoretically possible, we can reach near lightspeed even at just 1g of acceleration. Now we have relativistic effects, so the above statement is only true for the observer on earth. Canada Goose online For the traveler they will experience time dilation and arrive within a matter months or a few years (depending on distance) from their own perspective.

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