From DCS to delivering PowerEdge C products

You are now uninsured. Because you have a human body at some point you are going to get sick, maybe very sick or you will break a bone, and what will happen. Are you not scared of that? Something is going to kill you because all humans die. My little daughter I miss you I always think that in a few weeks you should have been born crying and instead you were born and I did not hear your sweet cry, just so much pain because I already knew what was waiting for me! It was the worst thing in my life, you are a daughter in all respects, you are equal to your sister x I do not know why God has chosen you too and yet he already has so many angels!!! the truth is that I have no answers and that’s why I often get angry even with Spero that up there you are happy and that you have many beautiful friends… Xk my dear star you are many, perhaps too many. Love each other from here we will never stop from One day we will meet again and you will welcome me with a smile, you I will hold on tight to me and I will never let you go again GOODNESS STAR TO YOU AND ALL OUR SWEETS ANGELS.


SOLENZARA — ENRICO MACIAS (şarkının sözleri)

On the beach of Solenzara
We met each other
A fisherman and her guitar
Singing in the summer night
This sweet On the beach of Solenzara
Every night we danced
And the day of your departure
I understood that I t ‘loved’ And I did not leave you anymore

[refrain — tekrar]

Oh! chi dolce felicita
In Solenzara
più bènum si
When I hear the melody
Who gave me so much joy
I know that night
Our love has taken his life
In the heart of Solenzara


In Solenzara
I will come back every summer
In Solenzara

Più bènum if posta — Più bènum si. Hermes Replica Belt

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