«Doubt him if you like, but the young activist already has a

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Replica Designer Handbags «If you have the mentality that striving for democracy is a long, drawn out war and you take it slowly, you will never achieve it.»You have to see every battle as possibly the final battle only then will you have the determination to fight.»Doubt him if you like, but the young activist already has a successful track record of opposition.In 2011, Wong, then 15, became disgusted with a proposal to introduce patriotic, pro Communist «National and Moral Education» into Hong Kong’s public schools.With the help of a few friends, Wong started a student protest group called Scholarism. The movement swelled beyond his wildest dreams: In September 2012, Scholarism successfully rallied 120,000 protesters including 13 young hunger strikers to occupy the Hong Kong government headquarters, forcing the city’s beleaguered leaders to withdraw the proposed curriculum.This week, the group is mobilizing students to walk out of classes a significant move in a city that reveres education to send a pro democracy message to Beijing.The student strike has received widespread support. College administrators and faculty have pledged leniency on students who skip classes, and Hong Kong’s largest teacher union has circulated a petition declaring «Don’t let striking students stand alone.»China’s reaction has been the opposite: Scholarism has been named a group of «extremists» in the mainland’s state run media. Replica Designer Handbags

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