Despite the historical inaccuracy

Various copies of portions of the Code of Hammurabi have been found on baked clay tablets, some possibly older than the celebrated basalt stele now in the Louvre. The Prologue of the Code of Hammurabi (the first 305 inscribed squares on the stele) is on such a tablet, also at the Louvre (Inv AO 10237). Some gaps in the list of benefits bestowed on cities recently annexed by Hammurabi may imply that it is older than the famous stele (currently dated to the early 18th century BC).[20] Likewise, the Museum of the Ancient Orient, part of the Istanbul Archaeology Museums, also has a «Code of Hammurabi» clay tablet, dated to 1750 BC, in (Room 5, Inv Ni 2358).[21][22].

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Fake Hermes Bags The Book of Leviticus (/lvtks/) is the third book of the Torah and the third book of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). The book addresses all the people of Israel (1:2) though some passages specifically address the priests (6:8). Most of its chapters (1 7, 11 27) consist of God’s speeches to Moses which he is commanded to repeat to the Israelites. Fake Hermes Bags

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