But only real fans know how many players have had their

Description : Most Colorado Avalanche fans have attended a game at the Pepsi Center, seen highlights of a young Joe Sakic, and were thrilled by the team’s run to the Stanley Cup in its inaugural season in Denver. But only real fans know how many players have had their numbers retired or why the team’s name isn’t the Rocky Mountain Extreme. 100 Things Avalanche Fans Should Know Do Before They Die is the ultimate resource guide for true fans of Colorado hockey.

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Replica Bags Wholesale Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker appeared to pour oil on the fire with her remarks at a news conference Tuesday, at which she addressed the New Year’s crimes and discussed plans to issue guidelines for behavior during Cologne’s famous Carnival next month, when hundreds of thousands of revelers are expected on the city’s streets.When asked how women could protect themselves, she suggested keeping «a certain distance of more than an arm’s length» from unknown men.She reiterated her advice at an appearance on German public service broadcaster ZDF’s «Heute Journal» program Tuesday, when she said: «Women would also be smart not to go and embrace everyone that you meet and who seems to be nice. Such offers could be misunderstood, and that is something every woman and every girl should protect herself from.»‘An arm’s length’Her comments were met with derision on social media, with the hashtag einearmlaenge («an arm’s length») circulating to mock her suggestion for appearing to place responsibility for the attacks on the victims.German Justice Minister Heiko Maas addresses the assaults inCologne.German Justice Minister Heiko Maas was also critical of the comments, tweeting: «I don’t think much of the how to behave tips for women such as anarm’slength. It is not women who are responsible, but the perpetrators.»Reker later issued a statement in response to the criticism, saying that media coverage had given the impression that her prevention initiatives were limited to behavior tips for women, which was not the case.She had also explained at the news conference Tuesday the need «to explain to people from other cultures that the jolly and frisky attitude during our Carnival is not a sign of sexual openness.»Broadcaster: ‘It was our failure’German broadcaster ZDF also issued an apology Tuesday for failing to report on the attacks in a timely fashion on its «Heute Journal» show, after criticism that the media had neglected to adequately cover the incidents because of sensitivities concerning the alleged ethnic identities of the assailants.In a statement, deputy editor Elmar Thevessen said the network had failed by not reporting on the attacks during the Monday evening broadcast.»The editorial department of ‘Heute’ decided to delay the report until today because of an emergency meeting to gain time for additional interviews Replica Bags Wholesale.

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