But, American Idol needs to take a closer look at the voting

canada goose clearance Danny Gokey on Idol canada goose store Finalists

canada goose coats on sale IDOL contestant Danny Gokey was kind enough to spend some time on the phone with LKL canada goose clearance Producer Michael Watts earlier today before the grand finale Kris Allen upset victory.

Canada Goose Jackets The candid, wide ranging discussion covered everything from who Danny thinks will win Idol, to his trademark glasses. Actually, the part about the glasses will be posted tomorrow so be sure to check this space then.

DANNY GOKEY, IDOL CONTESTANT: Actually, it was my first time being able to sit in the audience. And I really enjoyed the show, I really did. It was it just really felt good to be there in the crowd. I still enjoyed it even though I didn perform, because Canada Goose Jackets I love performing. But it was just that it was like electricity in the air and, man, I really enjoyed it.

Q: Did you miss the performing aspect though?

canadian goose jacket GOKEY: Oh yes, absolutely. I love to perform. You know, canada goose uk shop I love to

Canada Goose online sing. But that the weird thing for me, it was so

Canada Goose Outlet enjoyable uk canada goose outlet to watch. So it was amazing last night.

canada goose coats Q: How do you think Adam and Kris did?

canada goose deals GOKEY: I thought they both did very well, especially on the first two songs. You know the last song? It such a new song, I felt like there were there was a little struggle on it, but I mean, you can fault them. They been singing their behinds off this whole canada goose factory sale season. But the first two songs they killed.

Q: Who do you think is going to win?

GOKEY: Well, if I had to answer this one, I honestly believe, and it no fault I just I believe that Kris is going to win tonight. And it no fault to Adam. I think, you know, Adam deserves it just as much as Kris. But I think, you know, it with me leaving the show, my fan base, I would

canada goose clearance sale most likely assume they went canada goose black friday sale to Kris.

canada goose Q: But this is not an endorsement.

canada goose store GOKEY: Absolutely. This is not an endorsement. I didn endorse anybody. I purposely didn endorse anybody, because it not my decision and I don want anybody Canada Goose Parka basing their votes out of spite that maybe I didn make it or, maybe a little resentment or because people, they get their hearts involved in this competition, which is a good thing, because that will keep them involved in my music. Honestly, it doesn bother me canada goose either way who wins this thing. I happy for either one of Canada Goose Outlet them.

cheap Canada Goose Q: You have obviously spent a lot of time with those guys in the last couple of months. Have you got any good stories about them?

buy canada goose jacket cheap GOKEY: Not really. I mean, they just cheap Canada Goose good people. Everybody in the top 10 is really good people. Kris personality he such laid back canada goose coats on sale person, I really admire that about Kris, how he can just remain so calm in so many situations. I a person who can be kind of intense. And then you got Adam, on the other hand. He is very creative and it comes out in his music. It comes out in his presentation when he sings. And I really enjoy it. He is creative in all areas of his life.

Q: What has your experience been like?

Canada Goose Parka GOKEY: You know, for me, it been a human experience, I tell you that much. You know, being on the show. I don know where I be if buy canada goose jacket I had to be at home right now and trying to just cope with life. Coming on has really helped me get through the passing of my wife. But at the same time, I wish it could have been a more pleasant experience. At times, that situation really weighed down on my heart. But the thing is, I know this route I took on is a much better experience than anything else I could be doing at this point in my life. So I have to say that that it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Tomorrow, Danny will talk more about the loss of his wife, his canada goose coats future, and those trademark glasses. First of all they should stop sleeping with their Canada Goose Online animals and stop letting them lick them in the face. Many of these animal lovers are the nastiest people on the planet.

Canada Goose sale The animal rights canadian goose jacket activists such as the one that appeared on your show

talking about Michael Vick is a Canada Goose sale hypocrite. Tell him to call up the UfC and cheap canada goose uk advocate human beings stop fighting for money.

Animals are what they are animals and we should stop treating animals like human beings. As far as I concerned animal rights is a front for a large business.

All I https://www.alifeoutofdebt.com can say is I would www.alifeoutofdebt.com choose my pets over Michael Vick AND Ron Knight after reading his post. To harm a helpless animal tells a lot about a person how Jeffrey Dalmer started his demented murder spree as well as other murderers. I sure Vick is sorry (he got caught) but I am also canada goose clearance sale sure the sick nature of his personality is intact. It not just making the dogs fight that is so repulsive, but the sadistic pleasure people like M Vick get from seeing canada goose uk black friday them suffer. Dogs and cats seem to have one purpose to love us and to be loved. I pity the people who feel so superior to animals they are unable to experience the unconditional love they bring into our lives and are unable to respect animals Canada Goose online for the canada goose uk outlet things they can do that humans cannot. Mr. Knight, perhaps some day you will be lost and close to death when a dog finds you and alerts searchers, keeping you warm until they arrive. Maybe that would open your eyes and change your pathetic attitude.

canada goose black friday sale Kris and Adam are both good singers. BUT ADAM IS CLEARLY A BETTER SINGER THAN KRIS. Adam was the best thing uk canada goose to grace the stage in years! It will be tough to watch American Idol now for me. The show is supposed to reward the best singer. It failed to do so. I know it was America that voted. But, American Idol needs to take a closer look at the voting system. When you have the same person voting hundreds of times that is not a fair buy canada goose jacket cheap system. People should be allowed one vote. Based on a majority of the Canada Goose Coats On Sale polls Adam was the clear winner.

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