After having refreshed the sourdough

Ingredients for two loaves of one kg each

1 kg of flour with cereals
300 gr of sourdough — 700 grams of warm water with a teaspoon of honey with 4 teaspoons of salt

For the realization of the loaf with cereal flour you can knead by hand or with the melt Melt the honey in a glass of warm water and as well the salt (the water must be taken from the total).

After having refreshed the sourdough, dissolve it in a large bowl or in the basket of the cheese A little at a time add the flour and start to start the machine, equipped with
Combine the glass of water in which the honey is melted, then add all the remaining flour and finally add the glass of water with salt. Knead until the dough is smooth, elastic and
Turn over the dough on the floured work surface, give reinforcement folds, round and place in a greased bowl n extra virgin olive oil, cover with the transparent film and leave to rise for 4-5 hours, everything depends on the yeast’s strength and the external temperature (in summer it takes three hours).

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